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4 Excellent Ideas to Maximise Your Kitchen Extension

If you find yourself wishing that your kitchen was just a little bit bigger to fit this and that, an extension might be what you need. Of course, a home renovation to extend your kitchen is easier said than done. There’s plenty of planning to be done, and you’ll need to plan it all out to make sure the kitchen looks fantastic and spacious after the renovation is complete. In this article, we’ll talk about what you can do to not only give your kitchen more space but to enhance the space visually as well.

Here are the four ideas to maximise your kitchen extension:

  1. Choose the Extension Area of the Kitchen

If the area next to your kitchen is open and isn’t in use, you can extend the kitchen that way. If space around your home allows for it, extending in other sides can also work, creating a wrap-around kitchen. Whichever way you’re going to extend the kitchen, however, keep in mind the lighting of the area. Make sure to add extra lighting to ensure that even the extended space is well lit.

  1. Use the Right Colours

When renovating the kitchen, colour is just as important as anything else you put into the kitchen. If your kitchen has one colour, such as white, grey, or brown, pick another colour that stands out. That way, your kitchen can look a lot more streamlined and modern. Pair that with an island in the centre with the same stand-out colour, and you’ve got yourself a kitchen that’ll steal any visitor’s attention.

  1. Keep Cabinets in One Place

Being able to keep cupboards and cabinets on one side of the kitchen gives more space to the rest of the area. Of course, this will be only possible if you have the space for all the cabinets in the first place, or that you don’t need many for your kitchen. Combine the walls and floor cabinets into one area, preferably where you do most of the kitchen activities. That way, everything you need to carry out your cooking activity is at hand.

  1. Add a Divider

If you’ve extended the kitchen, the chances are that the old wall will leave a mark on the floor. This mark can serve a great purpose, a spot to place a peninsula. What you put there will depend on your needs. We recommend a bar-setting, where one area houses the cooking, and the extension houses the cabinets with a table top for eating on. If you’ve used a glass wall for the expansion, making sure that the chairs face the outside environment can help with the eating experience.

There are just so many things you can do when you extend your kitchen. You can change the colour scheme of the room, move around furniture to make it easier for any of the kitchen users to get what he or she needs, or add new furniture to put the extra space into good use. The four ideas we’ve given you will serve a good foundation should you want to try anything new. Remember, the only limit here is your creativity (and maybe your budget).

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