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Taking photos for the quoting process

Hold your camera properly

Position your camera in landscape when taking pictures of a large area or wide objects, such as a whole room or the entire kitchen worktops and cabinets. 

When taking photos of tall objects such as a wardrobe or single door, hold your camera in portrait. 

Circle around the room

After taking a landscape photo of the full room you would like a quote for, be sure to take photos of any specific areas that could need extra work or attention. Circle the room from left to right, ensuring that any pictures you take are clear with no blur and ideally in natural lighting, so that we can easily identify the location when comparing it to the full room photo.

Be careful of taking too many

Aim to send us around 5 to 7 good quality images with no grain or blur. If any images won’t upload to our website, please send them then to us at