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Common Kitchen Cabinet Painting Mistakes to Be Avoided

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a simple way to add interest to your kitchen without having to wait for a renovation. Freshly-painted cabinets can take an ordinary white room and make it a modern sage green with brass hardware. If you’re planning on doing this task on your own, you need to be careful when choosing paint colours and to cover or remove objects. The good news is that painting cabinets yourself doesn’t have to be time-consuming. To find out the most common painting mistakes when painting kitchen cabinets, read on.

1 – Skipping the Prep Work

The first step to painting kitchen cabinets is to prepare the cabinets and the area around them. If you decide to paint your cabinets to cover up a stain, smoke, or other discolouration, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the cabinets. This can be done by washing the cabinets with a non-abrasive detergent, along with a mild bleach solution to kill mold, mildew, and dust mites. If you’re simply going with a colour change, removing the hinges and handles will make your job much easier. Make sure that you have removed all of the drawers and doors and have them completely dry before you begin to paint.

2 – Not Taking Doors Down

Painting the front of a door or drawer is not enough. The easiest way to paint the backside of a door or drawer, or the inside of the cabinet, is to take the doors, drawers, or cabinets apart. Taking things apart also makes it easier to paint the sides of your cabinets.

3 – Not Touching Up the Hinges

Hinges are the items that are most likely to be overlooked when working on your kitchen cabinets. Don’t forget to sand and repaint them to match the cabinet colour. If you choose to leave them off-white, you can easily paint the hinges before putting the door back on.

4 – Putting Too Much Paint Layers

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to painting cabinets. When applying the first layer of paint, it’s best to avoid putting on too much coat. The paint should look thin and even but not runny. However, if it looks too thin, you can always add another coat.

5 – Not Using the Right Paint Finish

If your cabinets have a wood-grain finish or have very detailed or intricate carvings, you may want to consider using oil-based paint. Oil-based paints are best for projects where you want to cover up a lot of imperfections.


Painting your kitchen cabinets can be the perfect way to make your kitchen look brand new. Keep your cabinets in tip-top shape, and painting them is a relatively simple DIY project. Make sure to have a brush, a roll of paper towels, and some painter’s tape on hand while keeping the proper safety gear as well. If you keep these common painting mistakes in mind, you’ll be able to paint your kitchen cabinets like a pro.

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