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Easy And Refreshing Kitchen Décor Ideas

There’s more to the kitchen than being the stuffiest room in the house where people only cook and eat. And with what we know as the new normal of working remotely, you may be spending a lot of time in a kitchen.

Your kitchen should be as soulful as any part of your home, and a good decorator in Evesham can give you some easy and refreshing kitchen décor outlooks.

It doesn’t take much to give your kitchen a new and smart look, and you can with these easy and refreshing kitchen décor ideas.

#1. Give Your Cabinets a Fresh Painted Look

Need an easy and refreshing kitchen décor you can pull off without breaking the bank? Give your kitchen cabinets a fresh and new painted look.

There are several options when it comes to painting your kitchen cabinets. If you’re not making the room lighter with white cabinetry, you can also add a pop colour or re-stain the hardwoods.

Whatever choice you go with, make sure your decorator in Evesham offers only high-quality paint to make the look lavish.

#2. Pitchers Of Flowers and A Touch of Greenery

A pitcher of flowers and a vase of houseplant are all you and your decorator in Evesham might need to give your kitchen that refreshing touch of greenery.

Flowers can always transform a room, and if they’re fresh, they will add colour and elegance to your kitchen décor.

Have fun with your choice and throw in a generous number of bright and cheerful colours of purple, yellow, and pink. They will look breath taking on your kitchen counter too.

#3. Inject Character to Your Kitchen with Lovely but Functional Items

When it comes to easy and refreshing décor ideas, most people are all about aesthetics alone, throwing functionality out the window.

But refreshing your kitchen is a mix of both the pretty and the functional, the lovely and the operable.

Vintage silverware, fancy utensil holders, wall clocks that match the kitchen décor, and paint are some ways you can inject character into your kitchen.

#4. Change Up Your Sink Area

You can also refresh and change up your kitchen sink area and doing so is quite easy and stress free.

Try installing a new and fashionable faucet or replace them for a new and fresh look. Also, a new cleaner for your marble countertops should make that sink area look neat and fresh daily.

What’s more, adding task lighting over countertops and sink areas will brighten your workspace and add style as well.

#5. You Can Spruce Up Your Fridge

You don’t always have to go for brand new when you’re looking for that easy and refreshing kitchen décor outlook from your decorator in Evesham.

So, if you can’t afford a new fridge or the one you own is still great, you can give it a little splash of colour and life.

Your decorator can get creative with spray paint or use rolls of beautiful wallpaper to spruce up your fridge.

#6. Spruce Up Your Kitchen Floor Too

Don’t allow your kitchen floor to let the whole décor scheme down when you can easily give it an updated look.

One way to achieve this is by laying new flooring without having to take out the previous one. You can run it under the plinths and cut costs rather than do so wall-to-wall.


If you need to give your kitchen a new and refreshing look, there are several easy and great kitchen décor ideas you can choose from this list.

What’s more, you and your Decorator in Evesham don’t have to break the bank to create a look that packs a punch!

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