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How To Find The Right Decorator In Broadway

Every home deserves the best services when it comes to decorating. If you’ve ever needed one, you know that finding the right decorator can be a tough job.

All the best ones are either too pricey/high-end, or you never see eye to eye. The affordable ones with too-good-to-be-true prices end up doing a shabby job.

So how do you find the right decorator in Broadway? Here are some tips that can help you make the right choice and find the right decorator for the next job you need help with.

#1. Determine Your Decorator’s Style

One of the very first steps to finding the right decorator in Broadway is in figuring out what your decorator’s style is.

You shouldn’t expect to pick out a decorator who focuses on a single niche like retro décor and expect them to pull off a stunning contemporary look.

This is why it is important not to assume your decorator knows your vision or style simply because you showed them a cut out from a magazine.

Go for a decorator with range, expertise, professionalism, and a good eye for style and elegance, no matter the theme.

#2. What Are Your Decorating Needs and Expectations?

While aesthetics and attractive décor are a big part of decorating, your needs need to be more than that.

Most homeowners go for both the fine and the functional decorations. And once you discover what your decorating needs are, finding the right decorator in Broadway becomes easier.

Your expectations for the decoration project should also influence your choice of the right decorator.

Make sure to discuss things like billing, number of workers involved, meetings, and timing of the project. That way, the right decorator will know enough to say yes to your project and deliver.

#3. Set A Budget and Work with It

When it comes to decorating, setting a budget in the beginning, and sticking to it can be one of the hardest tasks.

It can get even more expensive when you’re trying to pull off a look inspired by a professionally decorated house from a reputable magazine or portfolio.

Therefore, it is recommended you know your financial commitments and limits for the project before you start.

#4. Look Through Different Decorators’ Portfolios

If you know your decorating needs and you’ve determined the style you expect from your decorator, you need to look through the portfolios of your potential decorators.

A decorator’s portfolio should tell you more about their style and some of their most recent decorating jobs.

#5. Have Interviews with Your Decorators

Finding the right decorator in Broadway shouldn’t stop at liking their style; you should set up an interview with your decorators as well.

Such interviews are a great way to find out if you and your decorator can work together, especially in the long run. If your personalities agree, then you’re in luck.

Besides, issues like budget, billing, styles, and the present state of your property will also be discussed.


Finding the right decorator in Broadway will seem like a stroll in the park if you follow the tips in this article.

Just make sure that your choice of decorator knows your expectations, budgets, and needs and is willing to work with them.

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