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5 Quick Design Ideas You Can Make in Your New Nursery

One of the small joys of being an expectant parent is in designing and painting a nursery for the incoming little one. The thrills of picking out the colours of paints and the positions of all the tiny and cute furniture are simply brilliant.

But it might not be all smooth and sailing if you end up picking the wrong designs and colours. Since your child will spend lots of time at their nursery, it should be designed with them in mind.

Here are five quick design ideas you can make in your new nursery without feeling like you’re going overboard.

#1. Begin With a Paint Colour to Set the Mood

One of the first and best tips for a quick design is in picking out a paint colour for the nursery. Before thinking about things like lighting, layouts, or furniture, you should consider the colour of the paint and the shade you want to use.

Feel free to throw in bright and cheerful colours on the walls when painting a nursery. This can help you decide quicker on the best shade of pillows, cushions, bean bags, furniture, and other accessories to add.

#2. Paint The Walls with Dark Chalk Paint

When painting a nursery, one design you should look at adding to space is dark chalk paint on the lower parts of the wall.

In little or no time, your baby will be old and curious enough to try what all babies do best: writing on surfaces they aren’t allowed.

But with chalkboard paint in the nursery, you’re setting them up for years of fun doodling and drawing their imagination’s best works.

#3. Choose A Theme

Choosing a theme is one quick way to make the rest of the design fall into place. If you walk into any baby shop, you’ll be greeted with cribs, portraits, and decors that follow a single theme.

Whether it’s an animal/wildlife theme or one about outer space, a theme helps you make better choices about lighting, paint colours, as well as the colour tone of furniture.

What’s more, it is also an opportunity to instill in your little one parts of what you like and prefer. And you don’t have to stick to one theme; you can play around with two themes.

#4. Net Canopy Helps Soften Night Light for Your Baby

A net canopy is one quick, beautiful and functional design that you can install to make nightlife very relaxing and peaceful.

When combined with soft night lights gentle enough for their eyes, the ceiling-high net canopy gives ambiance to the relaxing atmosphere.

#5. Cute Colourful Wall Displays for Sentimental Items And Keepsakes

If there’s one thing every nursery deserves, it is a cute and colourful little wall display or cabinet for displaying things that remind kids of mum and dad.

Old babywear, a teddy bear, a drawing, or a cherished toy from childhood will make your baby’s nursery feel homey and comfortable.


From painting a nursery to cute displays for holding baby’s keepsakes and sentimental items, these are some quick designs you can pull off.

You don’t need to go overboard with the designing, and some of them can be done by your local decorator in a jiffy.

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