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Kitchen storage ideas to declutter your kitchen

Cluttered and messy kitchen cabinets, a packed pantry, crowded countertops, if your kitchen feels too stuffed to fit one more jar of anything, you need some smart kitchen storage ideas to help you make the most out of your kitchen’s space.

Here are some innovative kitchen storage ideas let you utilise even the smallest space or a corner in a clever way.

Over-the-Sink Dish Racks

These racks are worth every penny! They don’t take up any of the countertop surface and the best part is that they live above the sink and so they are less susceptible to mould and make draining far more hygienic, than putting them in a tray.


If you have space, adding shelving can solve the issue with the lack of space in the kitchen cabinets and the pantry. To achieve a sophisticated and organised vertical display, use matching containers. You can pick these up very easily from budget stores.

Shelving is a classic and good-looking way to make extra storage space for other things such as your cookbooks, coffee-making apparatus, and heirloom dishes. Also, the addition of LED lighting provides your kitchen a chic, modern revive with slight effort.

Kitchen Islands

When the kitchen is small it is very important that there aren’t too many things on the floor. A kitchen island with a hidden compartment for something like a pull-out bin can be really useful. It’s multifunctional design offers another compartment with open shelves for storage of cutting boards, jars, etc.

Magnetic Caddies

Using magnetic caddies and placing baskets for is also a convenient kitchen storage idea which can also save your time searching for spices, paper towels, clean sponges and other stuff in your kitchen.

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