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Why opting to spray paint your kitchen cabinets is the right move

Hiring an expert to paint your kitchen cabinets is the right way to extend the life of existing cabinets but still gives your kitchen a much-needed facelift. If your kitchen cabinets are in good form but the colour is faded or outdated, a new coat of paint is a great option. If you want the best texture possible, there’s no alternative to hiring a professional team to spray paint kitchen cabinets.

Brush Painting

Brush painting cabinets takes an extended amount of time compared to when you spray paint kitchen cabinets, especially if your kitchen has several cabinets and doors to paint. Each surface will need a minimum two coats of paint, and each coat needs to dry entirely before painters can put on the next. Brush painting involves close attention to detail to ensure even layers and no missed spots, and since it’s all done by hand, the procedure is more drawn out than spraying. While they are admirable for thick application, unfortunately, typical paint brushes also make getting an even and flat coat difficult. Even the most precise of brush painters will end up with brush marks and potentially drips on the cabinet surface.

Spray Painting

As soon as professionals get past the groundwork stage, paint application is much quicker with sprayers than brushes. They can cover a greater area in less time and, since the layers go on thinner, there’s less drying wait time between applications.

When professionals spray paint cabinets, there’s no worry about leaving behind those unappealing brush strokes that come when they use a roller or paintbrush. When you spray paint kitchen cabinets that leaves a nice even and smooth finish that doesn’t naturally require touch up or sandpapering after the process. You should also prefer to spray paint kitchen cabinets because through sprayers you can get paint in every single corner and crack, even over irregular surfaces and behind objects. Little faults and unreached spots turn out to be very visible, and fixing the blunders can be a long project that will ruin your finish and exhaust you.

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