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The Benefits of Spraying Your Kitchen Over Buying a New One

You’ll never hear the words “don’t replace, respray!” enough from decorators when you’re making enquiries about remodeling your kitchen. A decorator in Worcestershire will readily advise homeowners to spray their kitchen over buying a new one, and rightly so. This is because of the numerous benefits and advantages that spraying the doors or cabinets has over a total overhaul.

In this article, you’ll find out some useful and cost-saving benefits of spraying your kitchen over buying a brand new one from top to bottom.

#1. Revamping Your Kitchen’s Aesthetics

One benefit of spraying is in the satisfaction of restoring the aesthetics of your cabinets and doors whose style is still in trend and great condition.

There’s no need to throw money away in trying to buy a new kitchen, especially since buying new kitchen cabinets can be an expensive business.

However, by spraying your kitchen, you get a new and improved look yet familiar layout.

#2. It Is Cheaper to Spray Your Kitchen Than Buy A New One

Spraying your kitchen is a whole lot cheaper than buying a brand new one. The cost of buying a new kitchen can sometimes be four times the cost of spraying.

With buying a new kitchen, you’ll be paying for new cabinetry, floorings, appliances, floorings, and painting.

What’s more, the cost of shipping these new items as well as the manpower involved will not be kind to your finances.

So as a homeowner whose kitchen and cabinetry are still in good condition, you should go for the economic and cost-effective option. Contact your decorator in Worcestershire to spray your kitchen.

#3. A Lot Less Disruption Is Involved in Spraying

If you’re someone who uses their kitchen more than the average person, then you know that the upheaval that comes with installing a new kitchen will be frustrating.

You could even go weeks without having to use the heart of your home. However, with spraying your kitchen, you will experience less disruption because the process will only take a day or two.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about installing new appliances or deal with not using your kitchen for days or even weeks.

#4. Expect An Efficient and Speedy Job Done

An efficient and speedy job done is one of the better advantages of spraying your kitchen over buying a new one.

Project completion time is less when spraying your kitchen, and the job is done efficiently as well. The less time the job takes your decorator in Worcestershire, the less inconvenience it brings.

#5. Wide Range of Colour Options

When it comes to buying a new kitchen, your choices might be limited. So, if you decide to go for a new kitchen according to your visions and style, you may end up breaking the bank.

What’s more, the final product may be far from what you expect. But with a kitchen spray job from a decorator in Worcestershire, you have a wide range of colours to choose from for your cabinetry.

And you can even play around with colour tones if you like!

#6. You’ll Be Saving the Planet

Lots of costs go into buying a new kitchen, and our planet is at the receiving end of most of these costs.

More wood is used, the old ones are disposed of, and waste is accumulated. With more people involved in the project, more carbon imprint is left when they commute or ship items.

However, a decorator in Worcestershire can help you save these environmental costs and more by spraying your kitchen to look as stunning and brand new as ever.


The benefits of spraying a kitchen over buying a new one will save you a lot of trouble, disruption, environmental and financial costs.

And if you require professional and expert help, your local decorator in Worcestershire can help you create a revamped kitchen masterpiece with spray.

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