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Don’t Forget the Hallway

Talks of painting hallways are some of the last discussions most homeowners hold when decorating their property.

Newsflash: hallways can be as exciting, dramatic, warm, or enthralling as any other room in your home if given the right service.

You shouldn’t forget about the hallway in your home, and in this article, you’ll find out just how important and rewarding painting your hallway can be.

So How Do You Choose the Perfect Hallway Colours?

Painting hallways is a sure-fire way to make one of the most frequented parts of your home look as attractive and cohesive as the rest of your home.

So how do you choose the perfect hallway colours? Just like in choosing paint colours for other rooms, you may need to look at shade cards. Hold your shade card of the colours you’re considering against the hallway area and major items like furniture. You should also place it under natural and artificial lights to have a sense and feel of the most suitable colour shade.

If this isn’t enough, you can always paint an area of the hallway wall and see how the colour compliments adjoining rooms, then make your choice.

What Colours Help a Narrow Hallway Create Space When Painting Hallways?

Decorators and painters who understand the psychology of colours know that lighter and cooler colours make narrow spaces seem bigger.

So any lighter shade of a colour will heighten the feeling of spaciousness in a narrow hallway.

Although white is often a go-to colour, it might not be the best colour to use for painting hallways. This is because of all handprints and scuffs from using the most frequented room in the home.

Colours such as light blues and greens and other relaxing or outdoor ones will not only make your hallway look spacious, but it will also have a calming effect.

In The Absence of Doors or Windows Stick with Cool Colours

What if there are no windows or doors in or close to your hallway? As with narrow hallways, you should stick with cool, calmer colours. This makes it easier for light for both natural and artificial light from adjoining rooms to bounce off the walls and feed the hallways.

As an added tip, when painting dark hallways, select two colours. Use a deeper shade for the lower part of the walls and a lighter shade for the upper parts.

Tips For a Better-Looking Hallway

In addition to painting hallways to look as exciting and inviting as the rest of the house, you need to make it look its best. Here are some tips to have a better-looking hallway:

  • Add Area Rug or Runner for Comfort: This is especially useful and helpful if your hallway, like many others, leads to bathrooms and bedrooms. A runner or area rug will make it easier to walk barefoot in winter.
  • Functional Storage and Shelves: Hallways that are right in front of your front door might require some sort of functional storage, bench, or shelves. Hooks for coats are also a great addition.
  • Mirrors Make Things Brighter and Bigger: Mirrors will help reflect more light into your hallway, making it look brighter and larger than it should.
  • Gallery Walls Are Great Addition: family pictures and motivational quotes can put a smile on your face whenever you walk across your hallway. Gallery walls are always a great addition!
  • Gorgeous Light Fixtures for Tall Ceilings: Not only do you get a beautiful light fixture, but you also add more light to a space that used to be dark.


Despite being one of the key areas of the house, hallways are probably considered more insignificant and boring by homeowners. But a nice paint job can help change that.

In addition to painting hallways, a reputable local decorator can help you with stunning decor to make every part of your home inviting and comfy.

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