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Tips On Painting a Nursery for Your Upcoming Bundle of Joy

There are lots of paint colours and tones to throw in when decorating and painting a nursery to make it comfortable for the cute little ones.

With painting, you get an inexpensive way to make your child’s room feel homey. But if you’re doing it wrong, you may end up with a final look you’re not pleased with.

Here are some tips to help you paint a nursery perfect enough for your little one.

#1. Go For Paints with Low or No VOC

Volatile Organic Compounds are toxins that the solvents of paints emit. They are harmful to human health and should never be inhaled.

Therefore, it is important to consider VOC levels before making any choice. Your baby’s safety should always come first before any other thing, be it style or design.

So always look for paint brands with low or no VOCs and make sure the nursery is well ventilated.

#2. Select A Theme or Style

Painting a nursery is supposed to be a fun but meaningful experience. One way to make sure it is so, especially for your bundle of joy, is in choosing a particular theme or style.

This is where you can play around with your choice of either a single theme or choose to use multiple concepts. Doing so will make the painting process more streamlined and the design more cohesive.

#3. Consider Your Choice of Colours

Colours are everything when it comes to designing, decorating, and painting a nursery. And as an adult making the choices, you should try not to let your choices influence the final outlook.

Stereotypes shouldn’t be influencing your choice either. Pick bright and cool colours that you will not only prefer but will be preferable by babies.

Early on, the little ones lean towards highly saturated colours, tones, and pastels, so your choice of low VOC paints should be baby-friendly.

#4. Mind The Glare

Glare from paint and its effect is one less talked about detail when it comes to painting a nursery for children.

The glare that paint gives off when light hits it can be quite irritating and uncomfortable to the eyes of newborn babies.

A useful tip in avoiding this issue is picking a paint colour that comes with a Light Reflectance Value of 60 or less. Most reputable paint brands have an LRV number displayed on their labels.

#5. Go For Eggshell Finish

In addition to minding the glare, you should also go for a finish, but you have to be mindful of your choice, or else you’ll choose one to endanger the baby’s health.

While some folks might go for a matte finish to easily hide imperfections, eggshell finishes, unlike matte, will be easier to clean when stained.

The eggshell finish used after painting a nursery will ensure the paint remains stain-resistant, durable and hides imperfections well.


Painting a nursery can be a fun exercise for expecting parents. It becomes especially stressless if you know what you’re doing and how to do it.

If you join forces with your local decorator, you’ll be able to paint a nursery that both you and your bundle of joy will love and be at home with.

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