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5 On-Trend Kitchen Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

The kitchen is the heart of the home and should always be at its best in terms of functionality and design.

There are lots of great looks that a decorator in Evesham can help you spruce up your space with. Some of these trends are simple vintage looks which are making a comeback or a more modern outlook with a twist.

Here are 5 of the trendiest kitchen design ideas to spruce up your space in 2021 and beyond.

#1. Relive The Open Shelving Kitchen Experience

The concept of open shelving in the kitchen may not be so brand new, but it is becoming fashionable this year.

Homeowners in recent times have tasked decorators in Evesham to bring them kitchen looks with much decluttering, and requests for open shelving are up there.

Decluttered kitchens with only the necessities on open shelving are all the rage.

#2. Marble Is a Classic In Trend Again

Marble is a classic, and we’re all for the elegance it’ll give to your countertops. There are also a couple of gorgeous varieties to trouble your decorator in Evesham with.

From Italy to Rajasthan marbles, you can get marbles with unique and lovely pattern designs that blend well with any kitchen style. Marble doesn’t just scream high-end; it is as functional as it is eye-catching.

What’s more? Marble is both durable and sustainable, and you don’t have to worry about it becoming a passing trend. It is a classic for kitchen sinks and islands!

#3. Brass Kitchen Details

Some of the best kitchen designs in vogue right now all have brass detail, and that trend isn’t slowing down one bit.

If you need a touch of sophistication to elevate your kitchen’s overall style and features, then you need brass kitchen detail in your space.

Brass goes well in green and blue tones and can be great replacements and additives for taps, door handles, appliances, and kitchen stools.

#4. The Smart and Trendy Kitchen Larders

Storage is becoming both practical and design, and in 2021, smart and trendy kitchen larders are a must-have.

With larders, you get a smart unit to house appliances, equipment, and mixing bowls, as well as a space to measure or chop ingredients before cooking.

Larders are especially trendy and crucial amongst homeowners with smaller kitchens. So if you need a smart but trendy storage solution, get the best decorator in Evesham to fix you a larder.

#5. The Dark Kitchen

Do you appreciate a little dark tone, and you’re not afraid to be free and innovative with your creative choice?

Then you and your decorator in Evesham should consider one of the raves of the moment, the dark kitchen.

The good thing about dark kitchen designs is that dark tones are timeless, and they blend fine with textured woods.

What’s more, they don’t have to be black, so you also opt for forest green, dark blue, or other dark and lovely tones.

Plus, you would be amazed at just how great they go with two-tone kitchens and how they combine with brass or bronze for a modern feel.


So, there you have it. These are some of the five on-trend kitchen design ideas you can use to spruce up your space.

Some of them do not require much to pull off, but if done by the right decorator in Evesham, they’ll have your kitchen looking high-end and modern.


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