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Choosing The Right Colour for Your Living Room

Painting is one of the ways you can breathe new life into an old or a new room. Some of the best decorators of living rooms can do your home decor a world of good.

A space like your living room where you, your family, or visitors can sit and relax after a hard day’s work needs to feel and look as relaxing as you can afford.

And with tons of colours and their dozens of colour tones, a decorator of living rooms can achieve that goal for your home.

Choosing the right colour for this particular room in your home should not be done in a rush. Here’s how you can pick out the right colour for your living room.

#1. Use Swatch Cards and Testers Before Picking a Colour

Swatch cards and testers are a great way to pick out the best colours while decorating living rooms. You can collect swatch cards that come in the colour you prefer to use, or you can buy testers in several shades or colours.

Testers can then be used to paint a part of the living room, just about enough to see how it goes with different natural light conditions. If you can, do the test in a bigger area to get the best experience.

#2. Get Inspired by Major Living Room Items and Art

Major living room items like curtains, sofa, and flooring can serve as the source of great inspiration if you’re decorating from scratch. These items will help you make the best decisions when it comes to painting your living room.

What’s more, you can also draw much-needed inspiration from artworks you hope to put up on your living room wall. Doing these will help you pull off a complete and blended look as well as put together a lovely colour scheme.

#3. Get Decorating Inspiration from Magazines and Catalogues

Tons of decorating catalogues and magazines hold some of the most stunning basic and high-end decoration designs. With them, you get access to hundreds and thousands of inspiring looks from living that can set your creative clocks ticking.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest also offer some easily accessible resources when it comes to choosing the right colour for your living room.

#4. Choose Colours to Match the Feeling You Want Your Living Room to Exude

One fantastic and powerful thing about colours is their ability to arouse strong emotional responses from humans, whether cool or warm colours. A variety of colours like green or blue are regarded as soothing and relaxing colours. Others like orange or red are widely regarded as warm colours that evoke a sense of energy and drama.

Decorators of living rooms and paint professionals understand the psychology of colours and will likely ask you to choose based on mood or the use of the room.

#5. Making Smaller Spaces Seem Cosier and Bigger

If your living room is smaller, your choice of colour could make all the difference for your home.

Lighter colours like a sharp white tone can make that small living room space seem bigger and cozier than it should.

While large rooms can take more colours, smaller rooms can’t handle more colours. So, if you need to make space seem bigger, go for cool colours or lighter hues.


The right colour for your living room should be the one that exudes a peaceful atmosphere, makes relaxing easier. But it doesn’t have to be cool colours; warm colours go well with living rooms too.

So, if you’ve got a living room that needs remodeling, some of the best decorators of living rooms can get will do the job.

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